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White on white elegance. That was Donald Trump’s first exposure to my design work, and foundational to a professional relationship that began in the late 1990’s.

We shared several common ideals. We both value aesthetics and appreciate elegant design, and we both believe in a fundamental concept that you should “Make the most of what you have.”

My work with Donald Trump was born from his desire for excellence in design and started with the refurbish of his beloved Scheherazade Restaurant at the Taj Mahal. In 1999, on a visit to my home during the holiday season, he was seated in my living room drawn in by the mix of modern and classic furnishings, deftly layered with various shades of white patterns and textures. Mr. Trump has an impeccable sense of style, and by the end of the evening, he requested that I use my home's esthetic as the direction for the Scheherazade redesign. A great success, this became the impetus from which he entrusted me with responsibility for design at all Trump Hotels and Casinos going forward.

Over the next several years I would take on a number of tremendous projects, not the least of which was the creation of “the hottest nightclub on the East Coast.”  As I toured the former sports bar with Mr. Trump that January day in 2000, I began formulating my plan. Drawing on the Taj Mahal’s exotic theme, I would name it the “Casbah”. What were wooden beams would become steel trusses. Memorabilia display cases would turn into ”windows” behind the banquettes revealing night shots of the Atlantic City skyline. There would be state of the art light trusses and suspended steel platforms for the dancers. Metallic Sultan’s drapery would complete the illusion. The merchandising area would become an intimate, circular rotunda with curved bar, mirrors, banquettes, and marble floor inlay. I expressed the basics of what I “saw” and Donald immediately said, “Carolize it,” and from that moment, my company name was born.

Caroleyes it, Inc. went on to provide design for numerous Trump projects including:

Redesigning all the guest rooms at Trump Taj Mahal

Recreating the Salon and Spa at the Taj.

Reopening the Maharaja Club as the “most decadent, private high-roller club in town”

Building the Bengal Club and buffet

Putting my signature on the Moon Bar and the Star Bar

Redesigning Trump Plaza’s Lobby

Plaza Tower

East Tower

Renovating all the guest rooms Trump plaza

Redoing the suites at Trump Marina

Rebranding Trump Plaza’s Baccarat pit

Designing a steakhouse for Trump Marina

Redoing the buffet at Trump Marina

Customizing furniture, carpets, wall covering, etc. at all properties

In 2003, my designs appeared as the backdrop on several scenes from the first season of the "Apprentice".  That same year, I was the recipient of the 5 Star Diamond Award selected as “one of the finest corporate interior decorators worldwide”.  Since that time I have done numerous commercial and residential projects with the same pride and passion, forever recognizing the honor of the opportunity given me to do what I do best, and what I truly love!

Carol C. Brown
Carol Brown, Donald Trump and Melania Trump Carol Brown, Donald Trump and Melania Trump
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ARCHIVED IMAGES Concept (9600 Board) to Completion
9600 Concept Board
Tile Work Begins
Tile Work
Reception Design
Reception Design Complete
Back Wall Built
Back Wall Completed (right view)
Back Wall (left view)
Fountain Design
Fountain Design Complete
Accessible Public Restroom
9600 Lobby Complete (back view)
9600 Lobby Complete (front view)
Hotels • Restaurants
Raja Suite - #4708
Hotel Suite TM3
Jungle Theme Maharasha Club
Casbah Nightclub
Sheherezade Setting
Asain Theme Gaming Room
Baccarat Gaming Room
Buffet Design
Our experience with Carol Brown and her associates was perfect. My wife was initially very nervous about taking on our renovation. After our interview we knew we would be happy.

Don & Ginger

Initially referred by a friend who found and hired her after her "Star Diamond Award" now I do the referring. We contracted Caroleyes It for silk floral design. We found that Carol had a unique eye for blending design and function. We needed each of our pieces to make a statement, a center point item; yet be easy enough to be transported. Restrained beauty and incredible warmth is what she brought.

Lia M

Carol's eye for just the right thing and attention to detail has made my house a home! She instantly knew the colors I needed and what to do to bring everything together.

Helen G

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